Seeders - Seeders – LWAF 2019 7th Investment Meeting over Zoom

Seeders – LWAF 2019 7th Investment Meeting over Zoom

The SEEDERS-LWAF business angel group of 2019 have and still are showing great commitment and determination to the start-up ecosystem. They marked their 7th meeting on the 5th of June which was also their third virtual meeting after the COVID-19 outbreak.

During this meeting, three start-ups pitched their idea, two out of three were women-led businesses; an online platform hosting a wide-range of curated natural products from food, cosmetics, eco-household essentials, a mobile messaging application that allows doctors to provide online medical consultations, and a wireless sensory network controlling each farmer’s plot and making him apply the correct farming practices through a mobile application.

The 8th investment is scheduled for the 10th of July.

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