Seeders - Seeders-LWAF Group Annual General Assembly and Portfolio Review

Seeders-LWAF Group Annual General Assembly and Portfolio Review

To be able to evaluate whether the investments they have made are working as per the market scenario and more importantly are in right alignment with their financial goals, angel groups from Seeders 2016, Seeders 2017 and LWAF 2017 gathered for their general assembly and annual portfolio review. Start-ups presented to their relevant angel group their operations, status and plans.

Start-ups for Seeders 2016: Moodfit, an online interior design platform; MAD, a marketplace to discover, launch and follow musicians, artists and designers; and Maker Brane, an online and offline play platform to create, build and share designs.

Start -ups for Seeders – LWAF 2017: Geek Express, an online and offline platform offering kits, workshops and online tutorials for kids and teens in engineering, technology & arts; Jaleesa, an online marketplace for trusted infant & child care; and Yakshof, a provider of means to track, analyze act and control the conversation, institutions and companies presented to Seeder 2017 group their achievements, where do they stand and their future plans.

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