Seeders - Seeders – LWAF 2019 4th Investment Meeting

Seeders – LWAF 2019 4th Investment Meeting

The group of angel investors from Seeders – LWAF 2019 participated in the “Deal Terms” workshop that was given by Mrs. Maria Carolina Romero, Head of Portfolio Products at Go Beyond on the 31st of January.

During the workshop, the investors gained explicit insights on the collaboration terms between them and the entrepreneurs. They also had the chance to develop their group investment strategy that will serve as a guide to better select their investment portfolio. Together, they stated their risk appetite and the investments they allow their self to make.

The group constantly expresses the importance of the development of this network and this was voiced by one of the angel investors. 

 “Seeders has been a great introduction to early stage investing – the staff is professional and experienced; startups are well curated and it’s a rich network of interesting people. Best of all, we have access to young entrepreneurs, new industries and a direct way to support the Lebanese economy! The risk is limited, so for anyone interested in angel investing it’s worthwhile.” Micheal Debbani, Seeders Angel Investor

After the workshop, two startups pitched their ideas to the group: a one stop shop for logistics services needed for ecommerce and online stores; and a podcasting platform dedicated to creating, distributing and managing audio content.

The 5th investment meeting is scheduled for March 13th, 2020.

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