Seeders - Seeders - LWAF 2018 Invests in IN2

Seeders - LWAF 2018 Invests in IN2

Recently, the business angels group Seeders/LWAF 2018 invested in IN2, a cloud-based services platform for sports and fitness facilities and enthusiasts.

IN2 currently provides sports businesses & instructors (gyms, clubs, fitness centers, yoga studios, activity centers, etc.) with a full-fledge management tool. Step by step, IN2 aims to cover the complete ecosystem of sports, fitness and activities, linking together all stakeholders such as Instructors, Spaces and Participants.

Co- Founders: Mr. Kamel Semakieh, a sports enthusiast and tech consultant; Mr. Farid Hobeiche, account director at IMPACT BBDO Dubai; and Mrs. Jessica Daroune, sales & Business development professional.

Deal Leader on behalf of the angel group Seeders/LWAF 2018 Mr. Samer Bissat.


Website: www.