Seeders - Seeders - LWAF 2018 7th Investment Meeting

Seeders - LWAF 2018 7th Investment Meeting

On Thursday, 30th of May 2019, Seeders/LWAF 2018 held its 7th investment meeting at BDD 1280, Beirut. The ceremony was attended by Seeders/LWAF MBA3 investors and Seeders and LWAF Alumi, as well as partners from IM Capital and Go Beyond.

The meeting was kicked off by Maria-Carolina Romero, Head of Portfolio Products at Go Beyond, and introduced the three startups that pitched.

1st Startup - A peer-to-peer mobile platform that instantaneously connects students seeking help in a specific course to qualified private tutors. Parents, high school and university students can find and book a qualified tutor in less than 30 seconds based on their preferences (price, rating, location, etc.).

2nd Stratup - is an end-to-end real-time traceability platform targeting the MENA region and enabling food manufacturers and producers to log every interaction across the supply chain to comply with regulations, generate business growth, access new markets and improve brand perception.

3rd Startup - is a community-driven online platform carefully curated with a wide-range of healthy, natural products specific to your health and lifestyle needs, delivered to your door for free anywhere in Lebanon.

After the pitches, the attendees were invited to a cocktail reception in addition to the three startups, were they got the chance to network with the investors have one on one talks.

Following reception, debriefs for the previous startups in due diligence started, and investors proceeded to majority voting selecting startups for the next phase – due diligence.