Seeders - Seeders-LWAF 2018 6th Investment Meeting

Seeders-LWAF 2018 6th Investment Meeting


On Tuesday, 16th of April 2019, Seeders - LWAF held its 6th investment meeting at Antwork, Spears.


Mrs. Brigitte Bauman, Go Beyond’s CEO, started the meeting with an “Exit Investments” workshop.


After the workshop, some alumni and external guests joined the group for the pitches. This time, we had 4 new startups pitching their ideas to the group. The first startup is an online marketplace and auction house specializing in Middle Eastern & North African Art, the second is a fintech company that created an AI solution for financial market data analysis, the third is a unique SaaS business intelligence tool, and the forth is a software solution that aims to enhance global online and offline deliveries.


Following debriefs, investors proceeded to majority voting selecting startups for the next phase - due diligence.


During that occasion IM Capital celebrated its 4 years anniversary with the attendees.

Many wishes for more great days ahead!

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