Seeders - IM Capital co-invests in Yakshof

IM Capital co-invests in Yakshof

IM Capital just closed a co-investment in Yakshof, matching the business angels groups LWAF 2017 and Seeders 2017. Yakshof is platform building customized knowhow in the investigative journalism field by capitalizing on technology and human expertise. Yakshof solutions stem from the daily frustrations and confusions of investigative journalists and researchers. Yakshof have translated into tech the know-how, tips and manual tools of these experts. The company provides its clients with the means to Track, Analyze Act andControl the news and conversations that matter to them by combining listening technology, analytical reports, command center visualization, alerting tools, etc. The purpose behind Yakshof data mining algorithms and media intelligence tools is to aggregate and analyze huge volumes of data, and turn those data sets into smart and actionable data that would serve our clients needs, from reputation management solutions to crisis management.

Co-founders: Zalfa Rustom an investigative journalist with 10Y+ in media such as TF1 and Al Arabiya leading special coverages in the region, and DNY Group, a group of companies that operate at the intersection of hardware, software and business model innovation.

Deal Leaders on behalf of the angel groups LWAF and Seeders respectively are Ms. Zeina Zeidan and Kamal Tarazi.