Seeders - IM Capital Co-Invested in Jaleesa

IM Capital Co-Invested in Jaleesa

Matching the Business angels groups LWAF 2017 and Seeders 2017, IM Capital co-invested in Jaleesa, an online marketplace for trust infant & child care.

Jaleesa allows families to search for and book trustworthy and trained child carers online according to their schedule, location, and requirements. Because safety is so important, all the nannies are well trained and vetted. And parents can read the reviews of other parents before booking a carer. The platform accepts online payment, and aims to automate as many features as possible, without losing the essential human touch required to build trust with families and child cares. Jaleesa’s mission is to build a business with a social impact.


Co- Founders: Ms. Angela Solomon, a former diplomat and restaurant founder; Ms. Stephanie D’Arc, a Middle East researcher and tech writer; and Mr. Hassan Bayloun, a computer science graduate and developer.


Deal Leaders on behalf of the angel groups LWAF and Seeders respectively are Ms. Amal Torbey and Mr. Maher Loubieh.