Seeders - Seeders – LWAF 2018 4th Investment Meeting

Seeders – LWAF 2018 4th Investment Meeting


On Thursday 24th of January 2018, Seeders-LWAF held their 4th investment meeting at the Beirut Digital District.


The meeting started with a “Deal Terms” workshop, led by Mrs. Maria Carolina Romero, Head of Portfolio Products at Go Beyond, the program’s international partner. 


Furthermore, 3 new startups pitched their ideas to the groups who were joined with some previous Seeders and LWAF alumni batches. The first startup being an e-learning platform for teenagers which offers tech courses preparing them for future jobs, the second an aligner designer and manufacturer and the third a SaaS chatbot development platform.


The meeting terminated with lively debriefing to be followed by majority voting, and due diligence.


The 5th investment meeting is scheduled for MAR 14, 2019.

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