Seeders - Seeders – LWAF 3rd Investment Meeting

Seeders – LWAF 3rd Investment Meeting

On Thursday, 13th of December 2018, Seeders – LWAF held its 3rd investment meeting at the Beirut Digital District.


The meeting started with a “Company Valuation” workshop, presented by Go Beyond’s CEO, Mrs. Brigitte Bauman.


3 new startups pitched their ideas to the group aiming to receive a majority voting for due diligence. The first startup is a provider of battery predictive analytics platform powered by a cutting-edge machine learning algorithm, the second is a reseller of pre-owned luxury fashion based in Lebanon with plans to spread into the Middle East, and the third is a biocompatible eartips custom-maker.


Following debriefs, the 3 startups got a majority voting to enter the due diligence phase.


The 4th Investment Meeting is scheduled for January 24, 2019, and will be moderated by Mrs. Maria Carolina Romero, Head of Portfolio Products at Go Beyond.