Seeders - Seeders MBA2 6th Investment Meeting

Seeders MBA2 6th Investment Meeting

On Thursday, 12st of April, 2018, Seeders MBA 2 angel investors gathered at the Beirut Digital District #1280 space to attend their 6th Investment Meeting.

Three new startups were brought to pitch to the group. One being a platform that help customers discover and appreciate a broad selection of Lebanese wine, the other is revolutionizing the perfume industry by allowing anyone to create their own perfumes using Artificial Intelligence and finally the last one being an online and offline platform offering kits, workshops and online tutorials for kids and teens in engineering, technology & arts. Additionally, a 4th startup was revisited during the meeting based on the group’s previous request.

Following debriefs, one out of the three startups got a majority voting to enter the due diligence phase. The meeting was moderated by Go Beyond’s CEO Mrs. Brigitte Baumann.

The 7th Investment Meeting is scheduled for May 24, 2018.