Seeders - Our Super Angel!

Our Super Angel!
Asmahan Zein was voted as IM Capital's Super Angel

The event took place at the Peruvian restaurant bar SAPA and gathered more than 130 guests all being part of the IM Capital Community: partners, investors, mentors, angels, coaches, entrepreneurs and friends.

During the event, Nicolas Rouhana, IM Capital’s General Manager rewarded the super angel and super mentor of the year.

Asmahan Zein won the Super Angel title of IM based on her continuous engagement in all three angel programs to date (Seeders MBA 1, Seeders MBA 2, LWAF 1), and generous financial investments.

Additionally, two lucky winners were chosen by a draw to receive two virtual reality kits.

The night couldn’t end without the king’s cakes and crowns.

Cheers to a fruitful, healthy year full of new opportunities and success stories!