Seeders - IM Capital Announces the Graduation of Seeders Class of 2016-17

IM Capital Announces the Graduation of Seeders Class of 2016-17

IM Capital announced today the graduation of Seeders Business Angels Class of 2016-17.  The ceremony was held in the presence of MP Jean Oghassapian, U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Mr. Danny Hall, Berytech Chairman Mr. Maroun Chammas, and IM Capital General Manager Dr. Nicolas Rouhana.  In attendance were  entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, banks, private sector representatives, universities, Chambers of Commerce, incubators, accelerators, and key ecosystem stakeholders. 

In his keynote address, Mr. Chammas noted, “With the graduation of successive classes of qualified investors supported through this program, the Lebanese financial ecosystem will benefit from the reduction of existing funding and knowledge gaps that startups have been struggling with

The one-year training program, called the “Seeders Masterclass for Business Angels (MBA)” was kicked off in September 2016 in partnership with Go Beyond Investing. Through MENA II, the investors are provided a guarantee for 50% of their investments in order to reduce their risk and encourage investment in new Lebanese companies. “To date, the Seeders MBA program has generated $390,000 worth of new investment and Seeders Angels have made a joint decision to invest in four local startups from various sectors, contributing to job creation. Seeders MBA Class of 2017-18 will launch in September 2017, onboarding a fresh group that will feed into a sustainable and growing Seeders Network of Angel Investors” explained Dr. Nicolas Rouhana, General Manager of IM Capital.  

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