Seeders - Seeders MBA Seventh Investment Meeting and Third Workshop Day

Seeders MBA Seventh Investment Meeting and Third Workshop Day

Seeders Class of 2016-17 gathered for the seventh investment meeting and the third workshop day at Antwork, Spears Street.   

The investment meeting took place on Monday May 15 and featured pitches by four ventures from various sectors namely a sculpted jewelry brand, a community management platform, a telemedicine platform, and a content discovery platform. One out of the four pitching ventures received a majority vote to proceed with Due Diligence.

On Tuesday May 16, the third and last workshop day featured two topics: managing deals and follow-on rounds, and managing exits. The workshop was interactive and practical in a sense that the notions were tackled using specific examples from Seeders deals, thus contributing to the learning process through hands-on cases. 

Since the program launch in September 2016 and following 7 investment meetings, two ventures have received a majority vote for investment and there still is room for two more. Three deals are currently being voted on, and one deal is pending Due Diligence. 

The graduation of Seeders Class of 2016-17 is scheduled for July 7, a high profile ceremony that will feature success stories, testimonials, and the distribution of certificates for the 26 graduating angels, in the presence of the whole startup ecosystem.

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