Seeders - Seeders MBA Fifth Investment Meeting

Seeders MBA Fifth Investment Meeting

Seeders MBA’s cohort of 2016 got together on March 2nd 2017 for the fifth investment meeting of the year, which was held at Berytech Technology and Health in Beirut.

The meeting started with a pre-screening session for four ventures, for an opportunity to pitch to the group in April. Later during the day, the pitching session took place, adding a hint of newness to the investment meetings, with one of the pitches being for a Lebanese movie production, and another for the production and retail of a Lebanese snack; the third venture consisted of a platform (web and app) empowering physicians and hospitals for better management of clients’ records.

Two out of the three pitching ventures received a majority vote to proceed with Due Diligence, and meetings were immediately scheduled between angels executing the Due Diligence and the concerned entrepreneurs.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 7, 2017, and will be moderated by Mrs. Brigitte Baumann, CEO of GoBeyond.

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