Seeders - Seeders MBA First Investment Meeting and Workshop Day

Seeders MBA First Investment Meeting and Workshop Day

The meeting gathered Seeders MBA’s class of 2016-17 and featured 3 presentations by GoBeyond’s CEO Mrs. Brigitte Baumann who engaged the audience in discussions on early-stage investing, angel investment strategies, and due diligence.

Aside from the educational aspect of the program, the angel group also benefited from hands-on experience through 3 pitching sessions by promising startups from diverse sectors namely ‘Smarke’, a hardware/software solution, ‘Piixelz’, a creative hairdressing concept for kids, and ‘209 Art of Wine’, a platform for the promotion of Lebanese wines.
The meeting concluded with lively debriefing to be followed by due diligence, majority voting, and a joined decision on group investments to be made in any of the pitching ventures.

The next meeting is scheduled for October 20 and will be moderated by Mrs. Brigitte Baumann, Founder and CEO of GoBeyond.

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