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Lebanese Women Angel Fund

  • The Lebanese Women Angel Fund (LWAF) aims to redefine the role of women in business beyond social and economic boundaries, empowering women to become seed investors, and funding women entrepreneurs. 


    LWAF gathers novice women investors in a class and take them through a ‘learn & earn’ methodology consisting of education and investment.


    Education wise, enrolled women will enhance their know-how through training opportunities via a curriculum covering all aspects of angel investing, delivered via educational videos, webinars, and in-person sessions by international expert business angels and coaches. Training topics will include early-stage investing overview, investor portfolio returns and liquidity, company valuation, deal terms, financials, due diligence, impact investing, investing strategy, follow-on rounds, and exit investments.

    Investment wise, and so as to democratize angel investing and make it accessible to women from all walks of life, multiples of $10K entry tickets would be pooled from every participant and placed into a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) with investment tickets in a range of $50K-100K. The tickets will be invested in female-led ventures. Female business owners will be pre-screened and prepared to pitch in investment meetings organized every 6-8 weeks. By the end of the year, 3 to 4 investments would be made using a portfolio investment approach.

    Are you a woman entrepreneur seeking funding for your venture? Pitch to LWAF


    Do you want to learn the basics of angel investing & invest in women-led ventures? Email 

A Growing Community of Seeders

  • Seeders is a community of qualified Business Angels with a mandate to serve the Lebanese entrepreneurial landscape by injecting smart money in early-stage high-risk ventures.

  • Seeders offers novice investors MasterClasses in Business Angels (MBA) in partnership with GoBeyond, a program aiming at graduating batches of qualified Business Angels

  • Seeders also gathers seasoned Angel Investors who possess a history of investing in early-stage ventures.

  • By institutionalizing sparse angel investing initiatives and graduating qualified Business Angels, Seeders would be contributing to early-stage financing and economic growth in Lebanon.


  • Ali Khalil
    Aline Kamakian
    Amal Torbey
  • Asmahan Zein
    Brigitte Baumann
    Constantin Salameh
  • Emile Khayat
    Georges Tabet
    Kamal Hassan
  • Maroun Chammas
    Mohamad Rabah
    Mohammad Jaroudi
  • Nabil Nader
    Nasser Saidi
    Rabih Sabra
  • Raja Abdallah
    Ramy Boujawdeh
    Ramzi El Hafez
  • Roula Moussa
    Samer Azar
    Sami Baydoun
  • Walid Hanna
    Yasmine Samarani
    Youssef Abillama
  • Ziad Lahoud
    Ziad Sankari