Seeders - About

Raise money from world-class investors

A Growing Community of Seeders

  • Seeders' objective is to make investment decisions and offer companies coaching and mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to follow-on funding and/or matching capital from IM Capital.

  • Seeders is a community of qualified Business Angels with a mandate to serve the Lebanese entrepreneurial landscape by injecting smart money in early-stage high-risk ventures.

  • Seeders offers novice investors MasterClasses in Business Angels (MBA) in partnership with GoBeyond, a program aiming at graduating batches of qualified Business Angels

  • Seeders also gathers seasoned Angel Investors who possess a history of investing in early-stage ventures.

  • By institutionalizing sparse angel investing initiatives and graduating qualified Business Angels, Seeders would be contributing to early-stage financing and economic growth in Lebanon.


  • Ali Khalil
    Aline Kamakian
    Amal Torbey
  • Asmahan Zein
    Brigitte Baumann
    Constantin Salameh
  • Emile Khayat
    Georges Tabet
    Kamal Hassan
  • Maroun Chammas
    Mohamad Rabah
    Mohammad Jaroudi
  • Nabil Nader
    Nasser Saidi
    Rabih Sabra
  • Raja Abdallah
    Ramy Boujawdeh
    Ramzi El Hafez
  • Roula Moussa
    Samer Azar
    Sami Baydoun
  • Walid Hanna
    Yasmine Samarani
    Youssef Abillama
  • Ziad Lahoud
    Ziad Sankari